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Global Travel Junkie


A Luxury Global Travel Highlight & Showcase podcast for travel enthusiasts. We'll interview and hear from luxury spas, resorts, retreats, & adventure experiences as well as stories from their guests.

About the Host

Lydia SmithProfile Photo

Lydia Smith


Born in Houston, Texas, one of the United States' largest international cities, culture, diversity and different languages have always been a part of my life experience. Having traveled internationally for the first time in 1983, at the age of 14, I discovered at an early age that I loved the adventure of visiting other countries and learning from their cultures. Over the subsequent years, I traveled overseas on 9 separate adventures with experiences in Italy, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, France, Germany, Alaska, Hawaii as well as Mexico.

Today, I am merging my love for people, culture, and different countries into this Global Travel Junkie Podcast to help others learn of new places to explore on this awesome planet.

I am excited to take the journey with you, join us on the next episode and see where in the world it will take us!